What do men want women to wear on a date?

What kind of clothes do men like to see women wear?  It's a question so many women ask themselves wondering what to wear for a date, night out or on the weekends.  You may want to wear something in color red like a red top, hoodie, dress or a set if you want his attention.  Based on the results of a study by researchers at the University of Rochester, color red suggests sexual arousal, and men appear to feel that women wearing red will be more receptive and welcoming.


Marsala Red Two Piece Set


Sexy Scarlet Legging Set



For ladies in long term relationship, you may want to keep your skin exposure to 40% as this may lead to unwanted attention.  You should stick to longer form fitting dresses or sexy jeans with crop top.


Back Zipper High Wait Pants



Button Down Midi Dress



Crush on you Midi Dress



For ladies looking to catch eyes, you should wear a skirt or shorter dresses showing off waistline.  One study found that both men and women appear to find women who wore skirts and form fitting outfits more confident than women who wore pants.  Another study suggests that men were more receptive to hourglass shape.


Sexy Wrap Around Crop Top



Party Latex Tube Dress



Sapphire Blue Deep V Slim Dress


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